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  • Arguelles, Jose, Surfers of the Zuvuya
  • Asimov, Isaac, Building Blocks of the Universe
  • Barham, Martha Josephine, Silver Cord (The): Lifeline to the Unobstructed
  • Battersby, H.P., Man Outside Himself
  • Besant, A. A Study In Consciousness
  • Besant, A. and Leadbeater, C.W. Thought-Forms.
  • Black, David, Ekstasy: Out of the Body Experiences
  • Blackmore, Susan, Beyond the Body
  • Brennan, James H., Astral Doorways
  • Brennan, James H., Astral Projection Workbook (The)
  • Brennen, J.H., Reincarnation: Five Keys to Past Lives
  • Castaneda, Carlos, Art of Dreaming (The)
  • Cayce, Edgar C., Auras
  • Crookall, Robert Dr., Case Book of Astral Projection: 545 - 746
  • Crookall, Robert Dr., Out of the Body Experiences
  • Crookall, Robert Dr., Study and Practice of Astral Projection
  • Crookall, Robert Dr., Techniques of Astral Projection (The)
  • Denning, Melita and Phillips, Osborn, Llewellyn Practical Guide to Astral Projection (The) Editors of Time Life Books, Mysteries of the Unknown: Psychic Voyages Elkins, Don; Carla, Rueckert; and McCarthy, James Allen, RA Material (The) An Ancient Astronaut Speaks
  • Fox, Oliver, Astral Projection: A Record of Out-of-the-Body Experiences
  • Fross, Garland H. D.D.S. Past President, American Institute of Hypnosis, Handbook of Hypnotic Techniques
  • Frost, Gavin & Yvonne, Astral Travel
  • Green, Celia, Out-of-the-body Experiences
  • Greenhouse, Herbert B., Astral Journeys (The)
  • Hall, Manly P. Unseen Forces.
  • Harary, Keith Ph.D. and Weintraub, Pamela, Have an Out of Body Experience 30 Days: The Free Flight Program
  • Harary, Keith Ph.D. and Weintraub, Pamela, Lucid Dreams In 30 Days; The Creative Sleep Program
  • Hoff, Benjamin, Tao of Pooh (The)
  • Hughes, Marilynn, Odysseys of Light, Adventures in Out of Body Travel
  • John-Roger, Inner Worlds of Meditation
  • Karlins, Marvin and Andrews Lewis M., Biofeedback: Turning On the Power of Your Mind
  • Leadbeater, C.W. The Astral Plane.
  • Leadbeater, C.W., Chakras (The)
  • Leadbeater, C.W. Dreams.
  • Leadbeater, C.W. Man Visible And Invisible.
  • London, Jack, Star Rover [historical occult novel]
  • Michael, Russ, Finding Your Soul Mate
  • Mindell, Earl, Vitamin Bible for Your Kids
  • Mitchell, Janet, Out of Body Experiences
  • Monroe, Robert A., Far Journeys
  • Monroe, Robert A., Journeys Out of the Body
  • Monroe, R. Ultimate Journey
  • Moore, Patrick, Stars and Planets
  • Moser, Robert E., Mental and Astral Projection
  • Muldoon, Sylvan and Carrington, Heward, Projection of the Astral Body (The)
  • Ophiel, Art and Practice of Astral Projection (The)
  • Powel, Arthur E., Astral Body (The)
  • Richards, Steve, Traveller's Guide to the Astral Plane (The)
  • Rogo, Scott D., Leaving The Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection
  • Routledge, Andreas Mavromatis and Kegan, Paul, Hypnagogia: The Unique State of Consciousness Between Wakefulness and Sleep
  • Shay, J.M., Out of the Body Consciousness
  • Smith, Susy, Enigma of Out-of-the-body Travel (The)
  • Sparks, Laurance, Self Hypnosis: A Conditioned Response Technique
  • Sparrow, G. Scott. Lucid Dreaming, Dawning Of The Clear Lights.
  • Stack, Rick, Out of Body Adventures: 30 Days to the Most Exciting Experience of Your Life
  • Steiger, Brad, Astral Projection
  • Steiger, Brad, Mind Travelers (The)
  • Stephens, Jose Ph.D. and Stevens, Lena S., Secrets of Shamanism: Tapping Spirit Power Within You
  • Stevens, Sandra J., Being Alive Is Being Psychic
  • Stockton, Bayard, Catapult: The Biography of Robert A. Monroe
  • Sutphen, Dick and Taylor, Lauren Leigh, Past Life Therapy In Action
  • Sutphen, Dick, Past Lives Future Loves
  • Swami Bhakta Vishita, Genuine Mediumship or the Invisible Powers
  • Swami Bhakta Vishita, Seership
  • Talbot, Michael, Holographic Universe (The)
  • Twitchell, Paul, Herbs: The Magic Healers
  • Wason, Betty, Art of Vegetarian Cookery (The)
  • Worrall, Ambrose A. and Olga N. with Will Oursler, Explore Your Psychic World
  • Yram, Practical Astral Projection

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